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Alison Colvin is dedicated to providing quality service and sound legal advice to clients in Northern Nevada, and surrounding areas. Our focus is accessibility to clients, and we will work closely with you to develop practical legal solutions designed to meet your unique legal needs.


Nevada Divorce Lawyer

I am Nevada family law attorney Alison Colvin of the Law Office of Alison Colvin. I put myself through law school, and I know how hard you work for your money. I do not take your investment lightly. I know it is a significant investment, and I will not waste your time or mine.

I became a member of the Nevada Bar in 2003 as a family law and bankruptcy lawyer. I am also an experienced trial attorney. I am known for being honest and upfront with my clients.

For more information on how I can help you with your divorce or bankruptcy, please contact my office. My office is conveniently located close to the courthouse and near free parking, and I accept Visa and MasterCard. To contact me, call 775-499-5552.


  • What else can I say?! YOU ARE THE WORLD'S BEST ATTORNEY...Period. You are the Best Legal Advocate any client could ever have. I wish that I had found your services when I started my child support case back in 1998. My legal representation prior to you was quite vanilla and ineffective at best. With you on my case, things started to happen and I finally found the inspiring legal advocate that would stand up in court for me and get results. Your personal attention to the details of my case were absolutely wonderful. You always made the time to make sure that every detail was ready to achieve the best result. My Life has changed dramatically because of you and a simple Thank You will never be enough. I highly recommend you with excitement and enthusiasm Alison!
    100% Sincerely Brad B. Alison Colvin Client since 2010